Sunday, March 14, 2010

A God Thing

A friend asked me to a church I used to attend when I thought God had called me there.  December, 2009 was the last time I was there and as I was leaving I mentioned to the pastor that I wanted to be a member and would be at  the New Member's Class the next week. That was a week before Christmas. The following week, I woke up in the middle of the night wondering if I made the right decision. Confusion set in.
But, according to 1 Cor. 14:33a -  For God is not [the author] of confusion but of peace, my thinking wasn't proper at the time, and placed making the decision on the back burner for awhile.  I still went to another church and continued ministry at a Nursing Home.  I have many friends at the other church and thought that somehow I didn't really hear from God.  I wasn't very happy at the other church and mentioned to my friends that I really didn't understand why I didn't feel as if I belonged.  However, while there, I did agree to facilitate a women's bible study.

Back to the friend who asked me to go to church with her:  She had given a woman a ride and during their conservation the woman asked my friend to come to her church that following Sunday.  Since it was a church I had attended and talked about, my friend thought I might like to go with her.  She was right.I jumped at the invitation and after walking in and sitting down, I thought to myself, "I'm home!"  I got up from the seat to get something and ran into the pastor.  He grabbed me and hugged me and took my hand and and we talked for a few minutes.  I felt so good that someone was that glad to see me.  He said he was just worried and that he and the others had been praying for me.  I decided that day I would join and when they called for people to come forward, I just didn't hear I guess.  So I thought, "I'll just join next week."  After the service the pastor came over to me and introduced his father-in-law and invited me to join right then (after the service was over).  It was a "God Thing" because I probably never would have gone back on my own.  Not that I didn't want to, but, I had just settled into the other church and accepted that I belonged there even if I didn't understand.

I now believe God pulled me out for awhile so I could facilitate the bible study and so I would know, really know where I belonged.  That I was in His will at the church I joined.  I am grateful my friend asked me and grateful she remembered I had attended before.  I am grateful she thought of me.

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