Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Natural Families and Made Up Families-Today's Blessings

Today I had a procedure done on my back.  I am part of a blind study about pain control.  I am grateful that I was chosen for this procedure. In six weeks if I received the real thing, that will be the end of it, or if the placebo was determined, then the procedure will be done after the six week study.  I am grateful to have one of the best surgeons in the area.  I am grateful I have a friend who drove me home.  I am blessed to have family in this town and that my parents are both still living.  I will be spending Mother's Day with my mom this year as well as my two sisters on Mom's Day.  There are two weddings in my sister's family the two days before Mom's day.  I love being with my sisters.  We are living in different areas of the United States and don't see each other very often.

Isn't it sad that families are spread  all over the country?  It must have came about because of the "Industrial Revolution."  That was a long time ago.  Since factories started to build their businesses in remote places or in big cities, they needed workers.  So now in 2010, families who thought it would be adventurous to travel or relocate but find themselves alone without friends and family.  But, I think people tend to  make new families, at church, in groups, in the military.  I have connections in my town, in church, in bible studies, in community interest groups. My sisters do the same thing.  It is up to us to stay in touch.  With God's help, we can survive in the changing world.  I will close here by saying God makes me happy.  He is my Lord and Savior and my question is: How do people make it without Him?

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