Friday, May 21, 2010

Moving Day

Well, we finally made it.  Escrow closed around 3:00 p.m.  Of course, I couldn't wait to get into the house.  So I grabbed a gray and white ceramic chicken I bought for the kitchen and put it on  counter as soon as I walked in the door.  There has to be some sign of ownership. Right?  Just a little something that says it is mine.  I give all the credit to God.  He is so good.  I was frustrated several times because escrow kept being delayed for one reason or another.  It does not matter now.  God's timing is always the right time.  He is never early, He is never late, He is always on time.  (Like my friend reminded me a few weeks ago)  I am grateful for Christian friends who listen to and obey the Lord.

After placing Mr. chicken on the counter, I left.  Big day tomorrow, moving day.  Moving day.  I can't wait.

I am grateful for a good God.  I am grateful that we still have many freedoms in this country.  The Lord is so good and I can't think of anything else to say about him except that.  He has cared for my children and me for many, many years.  I am grateful for the "problems" I have endured.  It has made me stronger.  It seems like everything I've been through is somehow coming together to help others, or at least understand them.

I was content in my last home.  I believe I will be content here.  It is all in God's perfect plan.  Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.  He is the Lord of my life.  Again I ask, How do people who do not know Christ make it in this world?  Rom. 8:28.


Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today I am blessed and thankful and grateful.  I have loved living in this mobile home for seven years.  Tomorrow I will be moving to a new home.  Two of my children are going to move into the trailer and continue the work I started on it.  I hope they will be as happy as I have been here.  My doggie will have a new yard to run around in as she does now.  Only, the new yard will allow her to run around and around from back to front ,front to back and on and on.  She will love it.  She loves the yard she is in now, but its a new start for all of us.  We all get new starts now and then.  The Lord is so good.  He keeps giving us chances.  I am so grateful he has given me many, many chances.  I have messed up so many times.

Friday, May 14, 2010


My very favorite character in the bible is Joseph in the Old Testament.  I can relate to him.  I was blamed for things I didn't do when I was a kid.  I didn't handle things as well as Joseph.  He was blessed because he just went along with whatever happened.  When he was young and he told his parents and brothers about a dream where they were binding sheaves in a field and his sheave rose up and the others stayed down and bowed to him.  He told what he dreamed as a little boy would.  I don't understand why it is interpreted by some as Joseph being a "smart aleck".  I just see it as him sharing the dream.  But I'll leave the interpretation to the scholars.  I am grateful that I survived childhood, teenagedom, young adulthood and so on and so on.  I still don't know how.  Actually, I do know how.  The Lord.  I've said before, how do people make it without knowing Jesus.

But, I have had dreams.  The one I remember the most is this one:  I was at work and it was almost time to go home.  I kept hearing people talk about the Philipeeans.  Then I looked at the clock and it was 3:13.  What an unusual time for work to get out, I thought.  I woke up and the word Philipeeans kept going through my head.  So did the time.  Aha moment!  Philipians.  Philipians 3:13.  The Lord actually gave me a specific scripture.  Think of it.  The Lord.  And it fit at that time in my life.  Not only that, but when I am sad, I sometimes think of that time and realize the Lord does talk to me.  He cares about me.  He is a personal God.  The scripture.  I hope you will look it up.  I hope it will mean something to you.

Wow, what a God we have.
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