Friday, May 14, 2010


My very favorite character in the bible is Joseph in the Old Testament.  I can relate to him.  I was blamed for things I didn't do when I was a kid.  I didn't handle things as well as Joseph.  He was blessed because he just went along with whatever happened.  When he was young and he told his parents and brothers about a dream where they were binding sheaves in a field and his sheave rose up and the others stayed down and bowed to him.  He told what he dreamed as a little boy would.  I don't understand why it is interpreted by some as Joseph being a "smart aleck".  I just see it as him sharing the dream.  But I'll leave the interpretation to the scholars.  I am grateful that I survived childhood, teenagedom, young adulthood and so on and so on.  I still don't know how.  Actually, I do know how.  The Lord.  I've said before, how do people make it without knowing Jesus.

But, I have had dreams.  The one I remember the most is this one:  I was at work and it was almost time to go home.  I kept hearing people talk about the Philipeeans.  Then I looked at the clock and it was 3:13.  What an unusual time for work to get out, I thought.  I woke up and the word Philipeeans kept going through my head.  So did the time.  Aha moment!  Philipians.  Philipians 3:13.  The Lord actually gave me a specific scripture.  Think of it.  The Lord.  And it fit at that time in my life.  Not only that, but when I am sad, I sometimes think of that time and realize the Lord does talk to me.  He cares about me.  He is a personal God.  The scripture.  I hope you will look it up.  I hope it will mean something to you.

Wow, what a God we have.

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