Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Women's Advance

Women's Advance has been around for several years.  The reason for the name:  (it is really a women's retreat)  We are not retreating:  we are advancing to introduce Jesus Christ to women in Northern California.

  I can't believe it is time for another one.  This year Jerrianne Eisley is the speaker.  I have seen her speak before in Willets, California. 

So many women were driving to attend the Willets Advance that there is now a second advance in Kelseyville, California.  What a blessing for women in Lake and surrounding counties.  There are always a lot of attendees.  Always something to be learned about our walk with Jesus Christ.

I am hoping that one day soon this blog will be noticed.  I want to introduce women to Christ and share with those who already know Him. I have truly been blessed. 

Last year after the Advance, I decided to write five blessingsI received every day on this blog.  I dropped the ball.  So I will start over again.  Jesus Christ is a God of many chances, do overs, he just loves us so much.

And I love Him.  He is my all in all.

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